If your family name is Walrant and you would like to benefit of a URL that points to xxxxx.walrant.net or whatever, drop me a mail: gateway@walrant.net.
My DNS is based on ZoneEdit, a great free DNS provider that allows a lot of things.
That's why I'm able to offer you both URL redirection and mail redirection for free.
Suppose you're Mr John Walrant, you can ask me to define for example the following redirections:

I'll try to offer this service as long as possible but I can't promise it will stay forever.
I'm not responsible for the content of the above sites, except for mine of course.
If people have the same first name, same rule as for the domain names: first comers are first served.

Server Certificate: walrant.net

SHA1 Fingerprint=20:74:F2:4C:1E:C3:02:4F:EE:1A:C5:0C:DA:AE:1E:12:9A:EF:F0:F2
MD5 Fingerprint=AE:2C:C0:DE:0E:90:D0:07:9F:48:E0:E6:1B:38:FA:E8
Issued by CAcert.org (Download CAcert Root Certificate here), last update Apr 21, 2012.